Monday, May 25, 2009

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Purple Canaries

He, hehe, heeheeheeheeheeeeee.......

Um, um, uh, my mommy, she told me the mushrooms growing in our front yard were poisonous and not to eat 'em, but, I didn't believe her....Heehee!

Hey.....the air conditioner...what the....

Wait a second....Since when are canaries purple?


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Random Post Song

time for a random post

(a little more random than most)

talking about nothing at aaaaaaaalllll!!!!

not that I mean to boast

but I think we should have a toast

especially if this song makes you LOL

I can't think of a damn thing to saaaaaayy

So for my only blog post todaaaaayyyy....

I'll write a random post

Ooh, I could write about a ghost

Or a cheerleading vampire transvestiiiiite...

But one thing I love the most

Is after you're done reading this post

You won't be able to sleep through the niiiiight!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hooray for Jeffree Star!

Jeffree Star. Yeah, don't judge me. I like how he looks. He's different, but beautiful (like Chris Crocker!). I believe beauty is not limited to a certain gender expectation. Funny thing is, I usually hate pink. But it suits him well. He just doesn't look good as a guy- I've googled it. *shudders* I also enjoy his music- I'm into alternative rock, techno, and other weird stuff in general. So I like his songs. Basically, I respect and admire him for really defying the social norm and not giving a damn- not like those people who claim to not conform and secretly cry and wish everyone liked them, while dressing like millions of other sad posers. (p.s. this picture is awesome. like, hell yeah I've got a cupcake, whatcha gonna do about it? this cupcake will cut you)

Props to you, Jeffree.

The "Scene" Look

Ok, I'm going to tackle one stereotypical "look" at a time. First up:
The "Scene" look. I'm not talking about the music, or posers, or stupid myspace addicts, or anything like that. Strictly addressing what the "Scene" look itself entails.

This is a drawing I found depicting typical "scene kids" or "scenesters". Some of the fashions shown here are a usual factor of the scene style, such as: Fauxhawks (I used to have one), piercings (lip or nose, not just ears), tattoos, thick-rimmed glasses (I have them), band t-shirts, crazy colors in hair, bangs over your face (I have them too lol), anything from The Nightmare Before Christmas (which I love), spiked hair, and anything purple. Note that many of the aforesaid characteristics are also part of the "Emo" look.

Here we have a picture of some people dressed in the scene look. Note that they also like knee-highs, tutus, fishnets, and backcombed hair.

Their hair usually has one bow or more in it, or sometimes hairclips instead.

Their hair is usually backcombed/teased up on top, straightironed on the bottom, and the main color tends to be platinum blond or black with brightly colored streaks or platinum streaks- note that the streaks can be striped. Occasionally their hair will be short and spiked/fauxhawked or in a shorter version of the hair described above. Some people choose to dye their hair entirely blue, purple, cherry red, orange, or pink ala reigning Scene Queen Jeffree Star.
This, of course, only covers scene girls (or scene drag queens). Scene guys (in a short summary) wear girls jeans (or really tight ones at least), band shirts, and have short razored hair in black or platinum w/ streaks of color, spiked or hanging over one eye. Oh, and I almost forgot- thick black eyeliner and/or neon eyeshadow on both genders. And there you have it. One can admire the scene style without adopting the fake attitude.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Pictures of you, pictures of me....

I got bored. This is me btw. I know, it's awful. Haha :)

Many apologies (if anyone reads this)

My original plan was for this to be a large, well-known fashion blog. But then I didn't post for months, sooo.........
hehe........I'll build this thing up.