Saturday, September 26, 2009

Interstella 5555


Follow Daft Punk as they lead you on a musical animated journey of life, love, good, evil, and heartbreak through the cosmos! And no, there isn't any dialogue. But it will make you LAUGH, it will make you GASP, and it will definitely make you cry.

When you combine a 2-man French synth-electro-pop group and a Japanese animation company and tell them to make a movie out of said group's (fantastic) album "Discovery",

Go watch it. NAO.
It will be an hour well spent, I assure you.

Miles Aldridge

Miles Aldridge is, I must say, the most amazing photographer I have ever seen. His work uses strange lighting that lends it a surreal, almost creepy air. He puts his subjects in strange positions with strange backgrounds. His website is even stranger- to get to the website without sitting through a very long slide show of his portfolio, you have to click on the picture showing (which will put it in full screen mode), then press the Escape key, then click on the picture again. There is an eerie tune playing in the background as you mull over his disturbingly beautiful photographs. How many times have I said strange in the last paragraph?
Well, anyways his work is most likely an acquired taste. And I do like strange things, but others may not. You will either love it or hate it-but at least check it out. If you like it, you will be hooked for life.

Saturday, September 5, 2009